20th March - 6th April
Move Me Touch Me
Jordana Goot


Move me Touch me

15 March – 5 April 2008

Exploring the relationship between technology and physicality Move me Touch me looks at the consequences of the inevitable disembodiment of experience caused by technological development.

The work explores the non-space within which our online techno ‘experience’ manifests. This is a space in which bodies are evacuated and disembodied, without a solid form to inhabit.

Move me Touch me exposes the mimesis of sensory sensations employed by technology, which lull us into a familiar way of operating within a very different existence.

Utilising human interaction in the form of live performance, audience participation, live-feed action, software patches and still photography, this work reminds the viewer that physicality, spontaneity and ‘real’ touch is still crucial. It poses the question as to whether virtual reality can live on after the catastrophe of the real world and if we can continue to exist as human beings within a disembodied existence.

Move me Touch me is an ‘interactive’ experience. It highlights the important distinction between ‘reactivity’ - machine to human, and ‘interactivity’ – a level of exchange attainable only through human to human interaction. Technology is ‘reactive’ not ‘interactive’. Computers and software have a set number of responses to any set number of actions. There is no sense of unpredictability or spontaneity – which is the primary difference between human and machine life. Move me Touch me parallels the programmed reactions and organic interactions within the virtual and physical space.